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Divining her creative fire: Imbolc Candle Divination

Bride (or Brigid as she is more commonly known) is a deity who was revered by my Scottish ancestors for centuries, first as a goddess then as a saint. Healing, creativity, and divination are her gifts. She is associated with … Continue reading

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Harmonizing with the Elements

For centuries, human beings have honored five elements: earth, water, air, fire, and spirit or ether. These elements make up everything that we see, our bodies, and the world outside of us. It is empowering to build a deeper relationship … Continue reading

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Elements in the Crystal Ally Cards

Naisha Ahsian, creator of the Crystal Ally Cards, spoke recently about her work with the elements and crystal healing. She sees humanity as a part of the multicellular organism called Gaia. We are Gaia’s nervous system- the part that can … Continue reading

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