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Why The Earth Needs Your Gifts

Peruvian spiritual teachers say that people who are creative in their work imitate Pachamama, who is always creative. Indigenous peoples believe that all people are connected like the strands of a spider’s web. Every person has gifts that ask to … Continue reading

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Moving from Shadow to Strength

What is the benefit of multi-session work with Evolutionary Tarot clients? It encourages deeper exploration of goals or issues, and the opportunity to reflect over a period of weeks (or months). I love to work with repeat clients. Multiple sessions … Continue reading

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Meeting the Spirits with Tarot: Lowerworld Journey Layout

This tarot layout is inspired by one of the divinations performed by shamans, the lowerworld journey. During a journey, the shaman begins with a question or intent, journeys through a tunnel into the lowerworld, and travels with a power animal … Continue reading

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World Tarot Year Card: 2015 is a “Strength” Year!

Tarot is celebrating a new year, too. After a turbulent and very active Chariot year, we are heading into a year of personal and societal expression: Strength. Strength is the eighth Major Arcana card and the sum of the individual … Continue reading

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Earth Dharma Reading: How can a connection with nature help manifest your health or prosperity goals for 2015?

I love trees. I once studied with a Peruvian spiritual teacher who insisted that trees are one of the best ways to receive vital energy from the earth during daylight hours. I love to receive this energy by standing or … Continue reading

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Acting on Your Vision: Empowering the Inner Masculine withTarot

Once you have encouraged the inner feminine to reveal your true desires, it’s time to take action! This is the work of the inner masculine: planning, structure, and action. You can have a terrific vision, but get bogged down in … Continue reading

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What Do You Want To Create? : Half-Hour Brainstorming Sessions

  There is a part of you that always knows what you truly want. One name for this self-part is the inner feminine. We use words like “vision” or “purpose” to describe her voice when it is healthy and easy … Continue reading

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What is a Tarot Counseling Session?

(Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr)  I have just finished an eight week class with James Wells called “Tarot Counseling for Self and Others”. This class introduced me to the world of Evolutionary Tarot. The Evolutionary Tarot process encourages a person … Continue reading

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What Is Evolutionary Tarot?

(Vision Tarot by Dirk Gillabel) Evolutionary tarot is a concept created by tarot counselor, James Wells. So, what is evolutionary tarot? This approach to tarot is a lot like an evolutionary astrology consultation:  the astrologer uses a birth chart to … Continue reading

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