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A Sense of Belonging is Grounded in the Natural World and the Ancestors

  “I’m a Lakota woman. I’m so grateful for that. Not a lot of people around the world can say that. And we are still here, surviving. They were trying to take us out hundreds of years ago. They were … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Maria Apaza! In Gratitude to Indigenous People and their Wisdom

This beautiful photo (thanks to Pachamama Ayni) celebrates the 80th birthday of a Q’ero medicine woman named Maria Apaza. She is an altomisayoq, a carrier of the mountain misa or medicine bundle, and she speaks to the powerful mountain spirits … Continue reading

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Trecenas: The 13 Day Pyramid

In the late 1990’s, I was fortunate to meet people who were studying and following the Mayan Sacred Calendar, the Tzolk’in. This 260 day cycle contains two smaller cycles: twenty daysigns and 13 day “weeks” called trecenas. Every trecena is … Continue reading

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