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Sacred Coca Leaves: An interview with J.E. Williams, OMD

(This interview with James Williams was published in my newsletter before 2012. It is still valid today as we navigate the fifth world.) Dr. Williams has over twenty-five years of experience in integrative medicine specializing in rejuvenation and longevity medicine … Continue reading

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Free Email Series: Learn Flower Reading and Healing!

Forget the books! If you already work with flower essences or heal with flowers, this approach will help you connect with nature directly. If you don’t, this is a gentle introduction to one of nature’s most healing energies. It is … Continue reading

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Flower Power: Meeting A Flower Spirit

It’s a new solar year in the northern hemisphere and wildflowers are beginning to appear. It’s a wonderful time of year to explore healing with flowers of any kind, but an even better time to meet and work with wildflower … Continue reading

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