Cacao pods

Do you binge eat chocolate? Or call yourself a “chocoholic”?

Chocolate dependency can actually become an addiction. One woman, who checked into a food abuse treatment center, claimed that she ate unhealthy amounts of chocolate daily.

But what if we discovered that chocolate is a ceremonial drink? One that can heal and open our hearts?

Cacao or chocolate can be approached in this way and become a blessing and medicine.

I’ll be talking about this and more in my upcoming webinar series:

4 Power Plants You May Take For Granted: How to Respect Your Relationship to Coffee, Tea, Tobacco, and Chocolate

11;30- noon EST from Monday to Wednesday 3/19-3/22.

Did you know cacao, coffee, tobacco, and tea are sacred plants, each used in ceremony by their parent cultures? In this 4 day webinar series, Kirsten and Merissa Lovett will explore these teaching or “power” plants, their potential to create addiction when misused, and their healing power to transform addiction when related to in a respectful way. Each session is 30 minutes long, and anyone who registers will receive a sacred practice to work with each plant.

Learn how to:

  • Recognize power plants as channels for spiritual work
  • Understand why their addictive potential is a symptom of misuse of their power
  • Use each plant in a healthy way
  • Understand how traditional cultures worked with the plant
  • Build a spiritual connection to each plant

Start the solar year with a better relationship with these powerful plant helpers.

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