Manifesting With Star Energies: Sirius

Sirian Starseed Tarot: The Star

Sirian Starseed Tarot:
The Star

It’s autumn in the northern hemisphere and it’s cooler, even in Florida. Autumn nights are windy and cool, but the wind clears away dust and humidity to reveal stars sparkling against a clear sky. It’s actually a great time for stargazing and connecting with star energies.

One of the easiest stars to see is blue-white Sirius. It’s beautiful and it’s the brightest star in the night sky. Many cultures associate it with blessings. For New Agers. it represents the collective wisdom of humanity. Renaissance European magicians worked with it to restore relationships. Egyptians remembered the goddess Isis when they saw Sirius and based their ritual calendar on its rise, accompanied by the annual Nile flooding.

How Sirius helps you manifest

Sirius (from my star oracle)

Sirius (from my star oracle)

This star has been associated with physical or emotional healing, based on wisdom and experience. In its most exalted form, Sirius represents healing knowledge that you pass onto others because you know it has worked for you. Sanaya Roman says it represents divine love.

“You can work with the Sirius energy to stay clear and balanced, to have an open heart, to free yourself from negative energies, and to be magnetic to all you need to fulfill your purpose.”- Sanaya Roman.

Working with star energies

An easy way to work with Sirius is to find it in the night sky near the constellation Orion. Look at it and imagine an electric blue light from this star flowing into the top of your head. Or try aligning with star energy with this visualization by Sanaya Roman.



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Healing with Nature

Wildwood Tarot: The Greenwoman

2 Wildwood Tarot: The Greenwoman

I recently attended Healing with Nature: a workshop about healing with wild medicinal plants of Florida. The workshop was held at Northwood Retreat Center, a permaculture center in Dade City, Florida. Herbalist Emily Ruff, director of the Florida School for Holistic Living, led the workshop for about 15 students. I had already studied with Emily and love her teaching style so I was looking forward to an entire workshop devoted to indigenous plants of Florida and their medicinal uses.

Northwood is lovely, set in the hills of the Florida ridge and located near a horse ranch. The grounds are filled with native and domesticated trees as well as a wonderful organic garden. Rebecca Blanco, the retreat center host, created a lovely table of healthy snacks and Emily brought soothing lavender and lemon balm tea.

Emily teaching about wild plants

Emily teaching about wild plants

We began the class with smudging and a talking circle. Each participant was able to share their experience with herbs and their intentions for the class. Emily led a brief, relaxing guided meditation. We then spent some time discussing safe, ethical harvesting of wil plants. Then we began the plant walk. Emily told us that you only need about twenty feet of plant life for a good plant walk. We were not disappointed. Northwood is full of wild medicine.

Our first plant was camphor. We smelled the leaves and Emily explained that, like eucalyptus leaves, the leaves can be placed into steam and inhaled for 10 minutes to ease congestion.

We then explored Kidney Weed or Dichondria Carolensis, a favorite green cover for lawn xeriscaping. The leaves look like kidneys and support the nervous system.

Chanca Piedra

Chanca Piedra

Finally we met Chanca Piedra or Gripeweed , a plant that looks a bit like Partridge Pea or Bahama Cassia. Tiny seeds hang from it that look like stones. Emily explained that according to the doctrine of signatures, the stone is a symbol for this plant’s healing effect on the liver and gall bladder. It has a bitter taste and helps break down fats.

After a delicious lunch, we met in circle to discuss new ways to relate to the plants. This was one of the most beautiful parts of the class. We discussed Stephen Buhner’s work and did a very simple exercise to connect with the spirit of a wild plant. I chose Beautyberry and Bidens Alba.

photo (45)

Bidens Alba

We then reviewed basic herbal preparations for native plants like: infusions, decoctions, and tinctures- as well as instructions for harvesting and drying these native herbs.

At a time of year when we focus on the harvest of domesticated plants, it’s fun to recognize the abundance that we can all receive directly from nature.


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Empathy and the Elements in Tarot

Mythical Goddess Tarot

Mythical Goddess Tarot

Healer Cyndi Dale has written a wonderful article about the different types of spiritual empathy: Empathy as a Spiritual Power: What Type of Empath Are You?

Most people associate empathy with emotional sympathy. But empaths can also have poor psychic boundaries and take on other people’s emotions. Cyndi identifies six basic types of empathy. Each type can cause discomfort when out of balance. While reading her article, I noticed the connection between the different types of spiritual empathy to the four elements/suits and trumps in tarot. I’ve been doing card readings for myself and others based on her ideas.

Here are the five basic types of empathic experience and their relationship to the elements in the tarot:


Earth element (Pentacles)

Natural or physical empaths receive information directly from physical objects, the natural world, or another person’s body or health issue.

An imbalanced empath might feel overwhelmed by the suffering in nature or feel the symptoms of another’s illness in their own body.


Water element (Cups)

Emotional empaths are attuned to another person’s emotions or can sense the type of person he/she needs to be around.

An imbalanced empath can confuse other people’s feelings with his/her own or feels overwhelmed when around people who are unhappy.


Air Element (Swords)

Mental or verbal empaths access their inner knowing by “downloading” information or hearing accurate guidance.

An imbalanced empath might be overwhelmed by a rapid flow of ideas or hear messages from “dead people”.


Fire element (Wands)

Spiritual empaths are attuned to another person’s life purpose, future self, or aura.

An imbalanced empath might become depressed when people don’t act with integrity, see “dead people”, or see a future illness in a stranger’s aura while waiting in line.


All elements (Major Arcana)

Shamanic empaths are attuned to all empathies. They combine more than one ability to create “big picture thinking and spiritual connection.”

An imbalanced empath feels overwhelmed by this combination of spiritual empathies.


Cyndi Dale asks: “Which empathic gift has ‘boundary weaknesses’ or is overused?” So I grabbed my copy of the Mythical Goddess Tarot and asked this question a few weeks ago.

Which type of empathy is out of balance? 3 of Seas/Compassion

3 of Seas/Compassion

3 of Seas/Compassion

I wasn’t integrating my empathic abilities very well on that particular day. I was having trouble detaching from other people’s upset emotions. I even felt better when I was away from people. So a very accurate picture from the cards and helpful to explore in more depth.

Which element will bring me back into balance? 9 of Earth/Community

9 of Earth/Community

9 of Earth/Community

Fortunately, it was a weekend day and I was able to spend time in one of the local state parks near my home. It was a great day for a hike and I was surrounded by abundant wildlife. I saw deer, vultures, and alligators as well as my favorite wildflowers. By the end of the hike, I was no longer affected by other people’s emotions.

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Tarot to Explore Karmic and Ancestral Gifts


Many of us believe karmic issues or unhealthy family patterns can affect our lives. Yet every person’s soul and ancestors offer gifts that need to be integrated as well. We bring the wisdom from our past lives into our present lifetime. We inherit talents passed down by our ancestors through our DNA. Each of us may choose to be born into a specific family so we can enjoy this combination of ancestral and past-life gifts.

The following layout explores the connection between karmic, ancestral, and individual gifts. If you want to try it,  grab your tarot deck and flip over cards until you have drawn:

  • one Major Arcana card (cards like The Fool or The Empress)
  • one court card (Page, Knight, Queen, King)
  • one Minor Arcana card falling between Ace and 10

From left to right, place the Major Arcana card first to represent your karmic gifts, followed by the court card to indicate ancestral gifts, and the Minor Arcana card to explore the combination of both gifts in this lifetime. Since these are gifts, try to explore a positive meaning of each card. Let your intuition play with the symbols and trust that the important themes from your many lifetimes and ancestors will surface. You may remember family stories or feel drawn to a particular time in history. Then you can blend the important elements of the soul and ancestral gifts with the present lifetime card.

Here’s an example inspired by the Tarot of Dreams by Ciro Marchetti.

The Empress

The Empress

Karmic Gifts: The Empress

This card indicates the ability to nurture others by channeling nature’s healing energies. This person might have been a midwife, master of foods that heal, or herbalist and brings the love of nature into this lifetime. A person with this soul gift helps others to feel nurtured by the earth.

King of Cups reversed

King of Cups reversed

Ancestral Gifts: King of Cups reversed

In the system I use, reversed cup cards can relate to intuitive work. This person’s ancestors knew how to work with dreams, shamanic journeys, or pathworking to release trauma or heal the past.

Ace of Wands

Ace of Wands

Present Lifetime: Ace of Wands

How might these cards combine in this person’s present lifetime? He or she embraces change and values inspiration. This card has a connection to kundalini energy or coyopa (“blood lightning”). This person may use their intuitive gifts and connection with the natural world to release the past and inspire change in others. Or they might initiate others into a healing path. The work they do helps reconnect the inner and outer world of their client. A flower essence practitioner, shamanic healer, dream interpreter, or ecotherapist might have this combination of gifts.

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You Are Always Becoming: Bridging Mayan Sacred Numerology with Feminist Tarot

Xultun Tarot: The Wheel (Mayan number Lahun at base of image)

Xultun Tarot: The Wheel
(Mayan number Lahun at base of image)

Numbers can identify where you are in the process of creating your life. Unlike the masculine idea of success, where you “arrive”, a more feminine approach exists that connects manifestation to cycles of time. The numbers in both the Mayan calendar and the feminist view of the tarot Minor Arcana describe this process perfectly.

Numbers and Circular Time


The Maya believe in spiral rather than linear time. For the Maya, time does not move forward like a straight line, rather it evolves through repetitive cycles. The Mayan calendar consists of a series of interconnected cycles, like gears rotating within other gears. The 260 day sacred calendar or Tzolk’in is the most famous of these cycles, comprised of 20 thirteen day cycles called trecenas and 13 months composed of 20 daysigns or naguales.

In the Tzolk’in, there are thirteen day cycles of sacred daysigns called trecenas. Trecenas are named after the daysign falling on the first day of the cycle and carry the flavor of that energy until day 13. Numbers represent daily life activity blending with the more archetypal energy of the daysigns. It’s common to initiate a goal on the first day of the trecena.

Tarot Minor Arcana

“Within each suit’s realm of activity, we experience growth, in this world, as represented by the numbers from Ace through King” – Gail Fairfield Everyday Tarot

In some feminist decks like the Tarot of the Crone, the court cards progress with the Queen representing the peak expression of that element and the King (or Hag, Crone, etc) symbolizing the end of the cycle. Ace through King are a continuous progression of steps from one through fourteen. In this approach, which can be used with any tarot deck, the end of one cycle flows naturally into a new beginning. Although it is not described as a wave, it functions very much like a Mayan trecena.

You can easily see where you are in a project or cycle of creation by looking at the number associated with the daysign or tarot card you have chosen. So 3 (“Ox” in Yucatec Mayan) Manik or the 3 of Wands can both indicate you are early in the process. And a higher number can indicate a more mature process. By looking at the number, you can plan and act more successfully because you understand where you are in the process of creation. You can begin to feel the difference between circular and linear time.

So how would we use a more feminine or cyclical view of numerology, inspired by the Mayan trecena, in a tarot reading? The numbers and meanings don’t exactly overlap: after all, these are systems from two hemispheres and continents! But the spirit of the different approaches combine in a helpful way because both systems use numbers to indicate what Gail Fairfield would call “ongoing processes”.

A walk through the numbers in the Trecena and the Minor Arcana

Aces (in Yucatec Mayan, the number one is called “Hun”) often mean the seed or dream of a new direction in life. In feminist tarot, the aces indicate the ability to imagine or receive inspiration, clarity, an open heart, or practical benefit in life depending on the suit. In the trecena, Hun (and its daysign)  introduces energies that will carry throughout and “flavor” the entire mini-cycle. Kenneth Johnson says that many shrines in the Mayalands are devoted to this number and Mayan spiritual guides often hold ceremonies on this day.

Twos (in Yucatec Mayan, called “Ka”) represent the balancing forces of life. In tarot, twos can indicate the balance of opportunity (Ace) and action or decision (2). Ka indicates the polarities that exists throughout life: hot/cold, feminine/masculine, etc). Both twos in the suits and Ka can manifest as a choice, a conflict or as a coupling or affinity between two things.

Threes (or “Ox” in Yucatec) represent integration and nurturing. In this tarot system, threes can be the moment when you clarify, study, or define something that will soon become action. Ox is a tricky and unstable number for the Maya, however it also represents the three hearthstones in every cooking fire: “the foundation of all family and domestic life” as defined in the Mayan Calendar Portal App. Like “The Empress” in tarot, Ox (3) is connected to the Aztec goddess of germination and birth: Chalcuihtlicue (Jade Skirt).

Four or “Kan” in Yucatec represents stability and grounded action or energy in both numerological systems. The Maya add a feeling of completeness to this energy as it represents the four cardinal energies which are invoked before every ceremony.

Five or “Ho” in Yucatec have slightly different meanings in each system. There is one interesting parallel: unstable structures lead to awkward situations. The energy of five in both systems seems to indicate the need to reconsider or adjust to these problems. Ho can rush into something too quickly while the fives in tarot can indicate conflicts or flaws that need to be fixed for something to be truly stable.

Six or “Uac” represents stability in both Western tarot numerology and the Mayan sacred calendar. This stability is so important to the Maya, that the axis mundi or World Tree is called “6 Raised Up Sky” (Ken Johnson).

Seven or “Uuc” is the number of possibilities and the ability to see things from different points of view. This can also be a challenge. The Maya say this number represents the midpoint of the trecena, the top of the thirteen day pyramid.

Eight or “Uaxac” represents wholeness, the ability to choose a direction or understand priorities. This focuses one or more of the possible actions suggested by the number seven. For the Maya, eight indicates completion: the addition of one and seven. K’iche’ Maya ceremonies are often held on “Uaxac” days because this number is associated with birth and the eight strands of the umbilical cord.

Nine or “Bolon” is the number of the feminine. A human spends nine months in the mother’s womb so many Mayan ceremonies for women occur on “Bolon” days. In the tarot, the energy of completion creates success or self-reliance in that suit or Major Arcana card.


Dark Goddess Tarot by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince

Ten or “Lahun” represents the ability to see both sides of a situation, just as we have ten fingers and toes. The Maya believe Lahun helps us walk the middle path between extremes to create stability. In the tarot, ten is the moment when you have reached a choice point: keep going or stay where you are (Gail Fairfield).

Pages and “Buluk” represent the number 11. They have different interpretations as pages can represent a bold, risky step and Buluk can represent something that is very creative but can be channeled in either positive or negative ways. The common theme is that eleven means boldness that carries power or risk.

Knights and “La Ka“. Because tarot has 14 cards, it creates an extra step in the manifestation process. The number 12 in tarot is associated with the zeal of the knight or prince. This single-minded focus is similar to the strength of “La Ka” or 12 in the Mayan trecena. People born on this day in the Mayan sacred calendar have a lot of energy.

Queens .La Ka has another meaning: the totality of life including all the actions and goals that have been accomplished. In tarot, the queens represent the fullest and most mature expression of a suit. The tarot queens definitely can look back and review the totality of their experience in that area of life.


Xultun Tarot: Death (Trump 13) Mayan number Oxlahun at base of card.

Finally, we come to the Kings and the Mayan number (13) Oxlahun. In feminist tarot, the Kings release or pass on the knowledge and life experience symbolized by the queens. Oxlahun represents the completion of the wave that began with Hun. It’s considered to be a very psychic number that enhances contact with other worlds. It’s also a very powerful number. This is one of the reasons that tarot aces and Hun days are so meaningful. The power of the final day of the cycle, or the energy of the release symbolized by the King, creates the momentum that will become the Ace or Hun in the next cycle.

Further Reading

If you’d like to further explore a feminist approach to the sequence of Ace through King in the Minor Arcana, read James Wells or Everyday Tarot by Gail Fairfield.

If you would like a traditional, grounded, and inexpensive introduction to the Mayan trecena, check out Jaguar Wisdom (Ken Johnson’s) daily posts on Facebook or get the Mayan Calendar Portal App here.

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Looking Twice


When receiving a tarot reading, my favorite moment occurs when the reader asks me a question or reveals a message that I did not see coming. It’s a delightful shock that often changes my point of view. I love to read tarot for myself but missed those experiences that another reader can offer. So I’ve gathered a few tricks I like to use to challenge myself when I read solo. One of my favorite tricks is looking twice. The following is from my journal and uses the Thoth Tarot:

8 of Wands/Swiftness

This first look often represents situations, emotions and actions that I am aware of.

My first glance falls on the pattern of lines radiating from the center, as well as the astrological glyphs for Mercury in Sagitarius. The eight lines remind me of the equinoxes, solstices, and their midpoints: the wheel of the year. I think of my goal to bring together the different areas of my work. I feel like I am being pulled in many directions. How can I find a theme for this year, a synthesis? Which role should I focus on?

The second look represents something that exists at the edges of my awareness or that I’m unaware of.

I look back at the cards. This time I am searching for an image or symbol that I have not seen the first time. I notice the diamond shape in the center with its tones of yellow, green and blue. Above the diamond is a rainbow and its colors are reflected within the diamond crystal. I ask myself what it reminds me of.

Crystals and rainbows remind me of healing. I realize what brings my work together: it’s my role as a healer.

Of course, this flash of insight and understanding is the life experience associated with this card. Fortunately, it can easily happen with any other card.

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Following My Earth Dharma

A card from my Nature Energy Deck

A card from my Nature Energy Deck

This simple card layout is one of my favorite ways to receive energetic support and nurturing from the earth. I draw one tarot and one oracle card to help me explore this connection.

I drew these two cards a few months ago, one from the Quantum Tarot and the other from a nature energy oracle deck.

Which nature energy wants to connect with me?
Mockingbird singing in a Slash Pine (Nature Energy Deck)

The first card is from a deck that I use for nature divination. I had recently begun grounding with trees again. When I drew this card, I was intrigued by the bird as it refers to songbird divination, something I had not tried recently.

Which area of my life will nature assist me with?

7 of Pentacles from the Quantum Tarot 2.0

7 of Pentacles from the Quantum Tarot 2.0

7 of Pentacles (Quantum Tarot 2.0)

I immediately thought of ways to improve my health or connection to nature.

Living the reading

Part of this reading involved living the energies by noticing how they help to create change. I worked with the tree by putting my back against it. As I did this, I began to note the tree was assisting me in balancing my energy. Sometimes I needed to focus on my feet, opening up my energy centers to grounding. Other times, I could barely feel the sun or wind on my hair because I was so concerned with practical matters. As soon as I received this awareness, I often experienced shifts in my chakras like my heart or solar plexus. Other people who have tried this experience similar shifts, often creating healing. This type of cooperation with a tree is a little like “earthing”.

I also began to receive synchronistic messages from the water birds at a bayou nearby. They would cross my path when I asked if this was a time to delve more deeply into my shamanic studies. For months I had been receiving messages from the cards that I needed to learn more about sound in healing work. I had been working with my rattle every day. After doing this reading, I also started whistling with my rattle. Over time, the whistling became a little song. One day, when I was feeling low-energy, I whistled the little healing song while walking in some woods with my partner. I immediately felt an improvement in my energy level. At that moment,I heard the birds singing – making whistling sounds. My partner even noticed that the healing song sounded like the birds.

This is a little taste of how tarot and oracle cards can encourage better rapport with nature- and create a healthier life.

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Meeting Beautyberry

American Beautyberry

American Beautyberry

You’ve heard of people who talk to plants. So how do plants talk to people? Flower reading is one of the ways.

You might think herbalists read about healing wild plants in books and then go looking for them in the woods. Often it happens in reverse. You see a plant and something about it looks different or appealing. As Steven Buhner writes, it’s like meeting a special person. Then you read the books.

Beautyberry is this kind of plant. I first noticed its vivid fuschia-colored berries. Callicarpa americana is its botanical name: American Beautyberry. I began working with Beautyberry during wildflower readings with great results. I left offerings to this special plant and tracked its growth cycle. I read books like “Florida Ethnobotany” and discovered that the Creek Indians valued Beautyberry.

I felt a connection to this plant and wondered why.

So last fall, I attended a wild medicinal plants walk with herbalist, Bob Linde. We had examined a few local herbs and briefly stopped next to a large bush with brilliant fuschia berries. It was Beautyberry! Bob plucked one of the leaves, explaining that they made a wonderful natural mosquito and stinging insect repellant. I don’t like commercial insect repellents (including natural products from the health food store) so I eagerly tried rubbing one of the leaves on my bare skin. Beautyberry leaves turned out to be the ideal remedy for my skin, protecting me from insect bites with no side effects.

This taught me something that went beyond studying herbalism in books, as valuable as those books often turn out to be. It showed me that the plants I need the most often communicate to me intuitively long before I learn their uses. The books and teachings clarify and confirm what I am already beginning to sense.

I would never take an herb without receiving instruction from an expert! And it isn’t that flower divination and healing will replace an herbal book; it’s that books might not show you the herb that is right for you. It often takes growing or visiting a plant in the wild, combined with study, to truly start that connection. And flower divination is a fun and easy way to begin.

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Elements in the Crystal Ally Cards

Fulgurite/Prayer by Naisha Ahsian

Fulgurite/Prayer by Naisha Ahsian

Naisha Ahsian, creator of the Crystal Ally Cards, spoke recently about her work with the elements and crystal healing. She sees humanity as a part of the multicellular organism called Gaia. We are Gaia’s nervous system- the part that can think and process information consciously. We can link with the elements associated with crystals in order to heal our relationship with the earth- and ourselves.

All Crystal Ally Cards are associated with one of five elements: earth, water, fire, wind, and storm. As the creator of this system, Naisha imagines these elements as the four directions and center of the medicine wheel. They represent energetic interactions within our bodies and the earth. Earth creates structure. Fire empowers us to create. Water allows us to feel and relate. Wind allows us to think and receive intuitive guidance. Storm represents the center of the medicine wheel, where all the elements unite with incredible power.

The earth element represents the earth’s tectonic plates, mountains, continental shelves, and all rocks. These are the bones of the earth. Earth element crystal allies are associated with healing bones, teeth, and other structural parts of the body. They also represent the resources that we use to create our lives: money, time management, physical health, and family. Earth ally stones tend to be black, brown, or red. The element is associated with the root chakra and the Earthstar, a chakra located underneath the feet.

The fire element represents the lava and magma of the earth. In an individual, this

Rhodonite/Talents by Naisha Ahsian

Rhodonite/Talents by Naisha Ahsian

element represents sexuality, hormonal balance, and digestion. It also represents our careers or our empowerment – the ability to create, act, and manifest. The fire element stones tend to be red, orange, or yellow. This element is associated with the sacral and solar plexus chakras.

The water element represents the oceans and all the waters of the earth, as well as the rain cycle. In an individual, this element governs circulation, the lymphatic system, the heart, and cellular communication. It also represents our ability to feel, communicate, heal, and empathize with others. In a chakra reading, the water element is associated with the heart and throat chakras. Water ally stones tend to be green, blue, or pink.

The wind element represents air and the winds. In an individual, this element relates to respiration, the immune system, memory, and the nervous system. It also represents our ability to link our conscious minds with the universal mind and receive divine guidance. Wind element stones tend to be blue, purple, or clear. In a chakra layout, wind is associated with the third eye and crown chakras.

Storm represents the power of the earth to cleanse itself by combining all the elements together. It represents powerful and dramatic evolutionary changes on our planet. In an individual, storm element stones are often called master healing stones. The storm element is associated with big changes and soul issues or gifts impacting the personality. These stone allies are assisting humanity to evolve and transform. Storm governs all the chakras. It also activates out-of-body energy centers like the Soulstar chakra, located above the head.

Naisha says that at the storm element level, all the other elemental energies are accessible. When you are experiencing storm energy, you can recognize the element that is out of balance by the area of life that you are focusing on.

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Flower Reading and Healing: Getting Started

Sarasota, Florida

Sarasota, Florida

(The following is from my free email series “Learn Flower Reading and Healing”. Sign up here to read more).

Sometime today, take a walk outdoors.

Find a flower that appeals to you.

Ask to connect to its healing spirit.

Weeds or native wildflowers are also wonderful healing spirits! Many herbalists believe that native wildflowers are much more powerful than cultivated ones.

When you find your flower, notice if you:

See it or even see its aura
Hear it (sometimes flowers talk)
Feel it or just stop walking in front of your flower.
Or an animal might show you the flower!

These clues will help you understand how plants communicate with you.

Flowers also communicate through color. There is an interesting similarity between the colors of the rainbow and flower symbolism, including Victorian Flower Language. There will be more information about color symbolism in the next email, but here are some examples:

Color Symbol                      Flower Essence               Victorian Flower Language

Red= vitality, passion            Rose =love                        Rose- passion, physical needs

Yellow= success                   Sunflower=confidence        Sunflower- dazzling

Blue-violet= dreams               Vervain=stress                  Vervain-enchantment

White-purpose                       Lily=integrated ideals          Lily-purity

Hint: if you only know a flower’s color symbolism, flower language meaning, or essence use, you have insight into the other two categories!

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