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Divining her creative fire: Imbolc Candle Divination

Bride (or Brigid as she is more commonly known) is a deity who was revered by my Scottish ancestors for centuries, first as a goddess then as a saint. Healing, creativity, and divination are her gifts. She is associated with … Continue reading

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Offering Smoke: Sacred Tobacco Ceremony #indigenous

Originally posted on Now Moment Journey:
A Lakota (Sioux) chanunpa pipestem, without the pipe bowl, displayed at the United States Library of Congress, courtesy of Wikipedia. Since I am interested in learning and sharing content about indigenous peoples, I find…

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My “Fortune” Layout

I have been working with James Wanless’ book, “Strategic Intuition for the 21st Century: Tarot for Business”. I love the way he uses the Wheel of Fortune card (called “Fortune” in his deck) to map opportunity. “Fortune is the manifestation … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Beth Seilonen, Tarot and Divination Arts:
Over this past year, I have seen a rise of Lenormand decks on various forums and my curiosity  has grown by leaps and bounds.  Finally, after having a reading done by…

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Originally posted on Beth Seilonen, Tarot and Divination Arts:
There are a number of ways to create your own decks and many more ways to apply various techniques, here are just a few quick tips and techniques that may help…

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Trecenas: The 13 Day Pyramid

In the late 1990’s, I was fortunate to meet people who were studying and following the Mayan Sacred Calendar, the Tzolk’in. This 260 day cycle contains two smaller cycles: twenty daysigns and 13 day “weeks” called trecenas. Every trecena is … Continue reading

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